Shake off your sloth!

I just found a lovely leaflet from the (Liberal) Eighty Club, promoting the Progressive Party at the 1892 London County Council election. It calls on Londoners to:

Shake off the sloth with which you are reproached in public matters, and which makes your friends despair of you, and your enemies despise you. Come to the polls and exercise your rights as free men in favour of the freedom and power of London.

Would that kind of forthright approach work today? Well, maybe Boris and Ken are missing a trick – the Progressive Party won by a landslide!

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One Response to Shake off your sloth!

  1. John says:

    One of those elected to the London County Council in that year was Will Crooks. As chairman of the LCC’s Bridge’s Committee, he gave Londoners the Rotherhithe tunnel and the Greenwich and Woolwich foot tunnels. He was also the public face behind the Blackwall tunnel and toured London promoting the project as there were some people that objected to such an expensive project so far east. As chairman of the LCC’s Public Control Committee, he also dealt a killer blow against Baby Farming in London. Will Crooks went on to become MP for Woolwich and the first ever Labour Mayor in London. He also went on to become quite the social reformer too, humanizing the Workhouse system among many other things. He was compelled to do this after actually being sent to the Workhouse himself as a young boy. There’s a book available on the life and achievements of Will Crooks MP called ‘Where there’s a Will, there’s a way: The remarkable life story of Will Crooks MP’, written by Jim Crooks. You can read more about Will Crooks on the author’s website at:–sample-chapter.html

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