I specialise in modern British cultural and political history and am particularly interested in ideas about tradition, heritage, progress and modernity.

My first book History, Heritage and Tradition in Contemporary British Politics: Past Politics and Present Histories has recently been published by Manchester University Press.

I am now working on a new book, provisionally entitled Being Progressive: Searching for Meaning in Modern Britain, 1888-2010. This will trace the shifting and contested uses of the word ‘progressive’ from the left coalition Progressive Party on the London County Council, elected in January 1889, to the declaration of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat ‘progressive partnership’ in 2010.

I am a Lecturer in Politics at the University of Sussex and a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. I have previously held postdoctoral fellowships at the Universities of Nottingham and East Anglia.

Before beginning my academic career, I was a think-tank researcher, specialising in democratic and constitutional reform. I have also been Executive Chair of Republic, the campaign for an elected head of state.


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