Academic Publications

History, Heritage and Tradition in Contemporary British Politics: Past Politics and Present Histories (Manchester & New York: Manchester University Press, 2012)

‘Inspiration or Obligation? Political Uses of Industrial Heritage in Modern Britain’, in Peter Itzen and Christian Müller (eds) The Invention of Industrial Pasts: Heritage, political culture and economic debates in Great Britain and Germany, 1850-2010 (Augsburg: Wißner-Verlag, 2013)

‘New Times, New Politics: History and Memory during the final years of the CPGB’, British Politics, 6:4 (October 2011), 453-478

‘Touching the Void: Affective History and the Impossible’Rethinking History, 14:4 (November 2010), 503-520

‘Authenticity in the Archive: Historical Encounters with “Pastness”’, in Rune Graulund (ed.), Desperately Seeking Authenticity: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Copenhagen: University of Copenhagen, 2010), 13-28

Book reviews and meeting reports: Political Studies Review, Twentieth Century British History, Party Politics, Cercles, Journal of Liberal History

Comment Pieces

‘Making it political: the challenge to the Monarchy’, e-IR (July 2011)

‘What’s new about Clegg’s ‘new progressivism’?’, History and Policy (December 2010)

Selected think-tank publications

British Citizens and the EU: Findings from a Deliberative Process (London: Unlock Democracy, 2008)

(with Patrick Casey) My Election: a voters’ eye view of the 2007 Scottish Elections (London: Unlock Democracy,2007)

(ed.) The Future of Political Parties  (London: Unlock Democracy,2007)

(with Justin Fisher) General Election 2005: What the Voters Saw (London: New Politics Network, 2005)

Living with Regions: Making Multi-level Governance Work (London: NLGN, 2004)

‘New Localism and Tackling Anti-social Behaviour Policy’ in New Localism in Action, eds Dan Corry et al (London: NLGN, 2005), 35-6

Councillors’ Websites: An Analysis (London: NLGN/Local E-democracy National Project, 2004)

(with Ben Rogers) The Benefits of Community Engagement: a review of the evidence (London: ippr / Home Office Active Citizenship Centre, 2004)

(with Warren Hatter) Local Leadership for Better Public Places (London: CABE, 2003)

(with Peter Facey) ‘An Analysis of the Health of Local Political Parties in 2003’ in Alexandra Runswick (ed.) Life Support for Local Parties (London: New Politics Network, 2004), 13-22

‘Broadening Participation’ in Broadening Participation: Thinking Beyond Party Membership (London: New Politics Network, 2003), 9-14


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